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Short CodeFull URL Housing Letter.pdf PROVINCE FIPPA Response1.pdf THE NEWS DESK Adam (8-3:30), Stacey (10-6), Scott E. remotely (1-8:30), Laurie (2-9:30) LATE REPORTER *none* ON THE WEB Noon: Maggie webbie on school start Above the Fold (please see final list/order on 5 p.m. sked): News stories TBD Melissa on Kyiv villages (filed) Mike M. Banjo Bowl column Randall on TIFF local Editorial on “sugar tax” Morning: Danielle on surgery costs COLUMNISTS None skeded NEWS SCHOOL START: The lasting impact of COVID-19 on Winnipeg schools is no longer as visible as it once was — colourful masks, floor and wall arrows, plexiglass barriers, hand hygiene signage, etc. Ventilation filter upgrades and portable HEPA filters are the lasting legacy of the pandemic on K-12 education. Members of the public have never been so curious about their children’s school’s ventilation situation. They want windows open as much as possible, outdoor play and high-quality filtration. Parents are Darwin School will be relieved to learn the Louis Riel School Division performed an audit of air exchange across schools in 2021-22 to determine where upgrades were necessary. If the first reading showed less than three air exchanges per hour after adjustments had been made, repair and maintenance was completed to achieve a higher than three air exchanges per hour. A supplemental HEPA air purifier unit was placed temporarily in learning spaces while awaiting repair work. Darwin School currently has one unit in its gymnasium. The purpose is simply to supplement the air exchange as there is lots of activity in the room. MAGGIE w/Mike D. PHOTOs ACCUSED KILLER: Day-long hearing for the Karlton Dean Reimer double homicide in Lorette deaths. The focus of the hearing will be on the shortage of forensic psychiatric services, which we have done a couple stories on. DEAN w/file PHOTOs BELL MTS FOLO: Spoke to a couple who have been without service for nearly 60 days. Bell MTS told the CRTC this backlog is all cleared up. MTS and CRTC are looking into it and sending comments later. KEVIN, trying for staff PHOTO SURGERY COSTS: The Manitoba gov